Class 12 Alternative English Chapter-wise Notes and Question Papers 2015-2023-AHSEC

Here you will get the syllabus of Alternative English class 12 AHSEC, chapter-wise notes of Alternative English, and past year question papers of Alternative English class 12 -AHSEC. These chapter-wise notes include textual questions as well as additional questions for exam preparation.

Syllabus for Alternative English class 12-AHSEC

Here is the syllabus for class 12 Alternative English

Chapter-wise notes for Alternative English class 12-AHSEC


  1. The Verger- By William Somerset Maugham
  2. Testament of a Walker- By R.K Narayan
  3. The Scarecrow- By Satyajit Ray
  4. The Gift of the Magi – By o’ Henery
  5. On Not Being A philosopher- By Robert Lynd


  1. Sita- By Toru Dutta
  2. The Brook- Alfred Lord Tennyson
  3. Ozymandias of Egypt – By Percy Bysshe Shelley
  4. La Belle Dame Sans Merci- By John Keats
  5. Village SongBy Sarojini Naidu

AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English Grammar solved (15 Years)

Alternative English Past Year Question Papers With Solution 2015-2022

YearQuestion PapersSolution
2015click hereclick here
2016click hereclick here
2017click hereclick here
2018click hereclick here
2019click hereclick here
2020click hereclick here
2021Exam not conducted due to COVID-19Exam not conducted due to COVID-19

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