(Updated)Notice Writing class 12 AHSEC Solved

Are you worried about notice writing?

Don’t worry! Here I have provided all previous years’ notice writing questions with solutions of class 12 AHSEC

Notice Wrting Class 12 AHSEC

What is the weightage of Notice Writing?

The weightage of notice writing in final board exam is of 5 marks. Generally notice writing questions are very easy to score.

Does any similar notice writing question is asked from previous years?

Yes, it has been seen that the notice writing questions being asked is from previous years. If you solve the previous years questions on notice writing, you will be able to score good marks in notice writing.

In this article I have given all Previous year’s questions of notice writing at one place.

To be on safer side you should practice some extra questions which i have at the end of this article.

Most frequently asked Notice Writing Questions in class 12 AHSEC

The most frequently notice writing questions has been given below. All these questions has been complied from past years’ papers.

  • Notice regarding football tournament
  • Inter-College Song and Dance Competition
  • cultural program
  • Tour to mumbai and Goa
  • lost wrist- watch

Format of Notice Writing

Below is the format of notice writing which has been explained in step-wise manner to make it easy for you to understand. Follow these steps to secure maximum marks.

step-1 : Write the name of the school/colloge/institution at the top.

Step-2: Write the word “NOTICE” in capital letter below the name of the school/college/institution in the center

Step-3: Give an appropriate Title to the notice ( Optional) below the word notice.

Step-4 : Write Date of issue of notice

Step-5: Write the content of the notice

Step-6: At the end write the name of the issuing authority

Step 7. Put it in a box

Tips to secure maximum marks in notice writing

Below are some tips to secure maximum marks in notice writing.

  • Follow the above format properly.
  • Write in Maximum 50 words.
  • Underline the important informations
  • practice all Previous year questions

Previous Year questions of Notice Writing Class 12 AHSEC


You are Pramila/Priyam, the sports secretary of Kokrajhar Senior Secondary School, Kokrajhar. Write a notice suitable for your school notice board giving the details for the participation of students in a football tournament to be organized by your school. (Word Limit: 50 words) 2012

Kokrajhar Senior Secondary School


Inter-Class Football Tournament

15th September 2013

Students, cheer up! The school is organizing an inter-class football tournament on 20th September 2013. The tournament is only open to senior students from class IX–XII. Every class will have one team. Class monitors must send the names to the undersigned latest by 18th September 2013.


(By sports secretary)

 Question 2

You are Binod/Seema, the Cultural Secretary of St. Anthony’s College, Guwahati. Draft a notice, in not more than 50 words, for the notice board informing the students about the “Inter-College Song and Dance Competition” that your institution is going to organize. 2017   2022          


St. Anthony’s College, Guwahati

                                              Notice                                                    Inter-College Song and Dance Competition.

23rd February, 2017 

Students cheer up! Our college is going to organize an ‘Inter-College Song and Dance Competition’ as per the following details:

              Date: 25-2-2017 to 28-2-2017

              Venue: College Auditorium.

              Charges: NIL

This competition is open to all students of the college. Interested Students can submit their names to the undersigned. Only selected students will be sent to represent their streams in different activities of the program.

Hon’ble Sanjay kishan ( MLA) will be the chief guest.

By Binod/Seema ( Cultural Secretary)

Question 3.

You are Anil/Amrita, the Cultural Secretary of Tezpur Govt. Higher Secondary School. You are planning to organize a cultural program. Write a notice for the school notice board inviting names of students willing to participate. (Word Limit: 50 words)  2019

Tezpur Govt. Higher Secondary School


          Cultural Program 

1st November, 2017  

Students, cheer up! The school is organizing  a cultural program on children’s day from 9 AM to 3 PM. This program is open to all students. All cultural items will be included in this program. Hon’ble Hemant Biswa Sharma, Education minister will be the chief guest. Interested students can submit their names to the undersigned on or before  3-11-2017. Parents are also invited.

Anil/Amrita (Cultural Secretary)                        

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