Can I use black pen in board exam?

If you are appearing for board exam, this question must have come in your mind- Which pen to use in board exam?- black or blue. In this post I will clarify your doubt.

which Pen to Use in Exam

Can I use black pen in Exam?

Yes, you can use black pen in board exam but only for writing headings or underlining the keywords of your answers . For writing the main answers you should use blue pen.

Whether or not you can use a black pen in an exam will depend on the instructions provided your board. In general, it is a good idea to use the type of pen or pencil specified in the exam instructions, as using a different writing instrument could potentially be seen as a violation of the rules.

If the exam instructions do not specify which type of pen or pencil to use, it is best to ask the teacher or proctor for clarification. This will ensure that you understand the rules of the exam and can avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

If you are allowed to use a black pen, it is a good idea to make sure that the pen you use is in good working order and has a good ink flow. This will help you to write clearly and legibly, which is especially important in an exam setting.

In some cases, it is also important to check for the type of paper used for the exam, because some pens might not work as well on glossy or thin paper, and might smudge or bleed through.

Which black pen you should use in exam?

You can use any BALLPOINT/GEL/FOUNTAIN PEN to write answers. You should prefer that pen with which you are comfortable.

Can I use black pen for writing headings?

Yes, you can write headings with a black pen. In fact, black is a common color for writing headings, as it is easy to read and stands out against the background of the paper. When writing headings with a black pen.

1. Is whitener allowed in board exams and can we use gel pen?

Ans: No, whitener is not allowed in exam

2.Which pen is best for fast writing?

You should use ballpoint pen for fast writing

3. Will any marks be deducted if I use black pen?

Ans: No.

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