AHSEC Class 12: Alternative English Question Paper 2022

Here I have shared with you AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English Question paper 2022



Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 30

Time: Three Hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.




1. Give brief answers to any five of the following:                             1×5=5

  • Where did the new vicar come from?                                                   1
  • Who is Albert Edward?                                                                                                1
  • Who are called ‘colour blind’?                                                                  1
  • Who lacks automobile sensibility?                                                          1
  • How far is Panagarh?                                                                                    1
  • What is the full name of Mrigangko Babu?                                         1
  • What did Della buy for her husband as the gift of Magi?                               1
  • Where did Della sell her long hair?                                                         1
  • Why does Robert Lynd read Emerson?                                                1
  • Who is Epictetus?                                                                                          1

2. Answer any five of the following:                        2×5=10

  • What impression did the Vicar have about the new vicar?           2
  • How did the Verger regard his official dress?                                     2
  • What did R. K. Narayan do to turn his energies again to write stories?                   2
  • What made R. K. Narayan fear that he would soon become bankrupt?                 2
  • What were the suspicious of Mrigangko Babu?                                                2
  • Why did Mrigangko Babu never consult the almanac before travelling anywhere?                          2
  • What did Jim do to get a gift for Della?                                                 2
  • Why was Della sobbing and sniffling?                                                    2
  • What happened to Robert Lynd even after reading Marcus Aurelius and Emerson?                        2
  • What happened to the thief who stole Epictetus’ iron lamp?                                     2

3. Give brief answers to any three of the following:                         4×3=12

  • Describe the circumstances under which the Verger had to lose his job in St. Peter’s Church.    4
  • How did the auto-pundits react after seeing R. K. Narayan’s ‘imported car’?                                      4
  • Why did Abhiram leave the house of Mrigangko Babu?                                                                                                4
  • How did Della save the pennies of the sixty cents of her total savings?                                                 4
  • Examine Robert Lynd’s quest for instant wisdom.                                                                                           4

4. Explain with reference to the context any two of the following excerpts:                         4×2=8

  • “Since my car was of special pedigree, it was unadvisable to allow any ordinary workshop to open the bonnet.” 4
  • “The elite shop could produce one if I was prepared to pay two thousand for the piece.”            4
  • “It was the end of January. All the crops had been removed from the fields.”                                   4
  • “When Della reached home, her intoxication gave way a little to prudence and reason.”                              4

5. Give brief answers to any five of the following:                             1×5=5

  • Who is the poet of the poem ‘Sita’?                                                                      1
  • How many children were listening to the story of Sita?                                 1
  • How many hills does the brook run past?                                                            1
  • Name the birds that fly above the brook.                                                           1
  • Who is Ozymandias?                                                                                                    1
  • What is the meaning of the word “visage”?                                                       1
  • What kind of a poem ‘Ozymandias of Egypt’ is?                                                               1
  • Where did the knight see a lily?                                                                               1
  • Where did the lady take the knight?                                                                     1
  • Whose song lures the maiden?                                                                                               1

6. Answer any four of the following:                                       2×4=8

  • Why are the children weeping in the poem ‘Sita’?                                          2
  • What is meant by “shingly bars”?                                                                            2
  • What were the words that were inscribed on the pedestal of the statue of Ozymandias?            2
  • What did the knight see in his dream on the hillside?                                    2
  • What will the maiden’s mother and brother do if she is late in reaching home?                                 2

7. Answer any three of the following:                                     4×3=12

  • Explain how the poem ‘Sita’ reflects the poet’s deep love for nature.                                   4
  • What is the refrain in the poem ‘The Brook’? Bring out the profundity in it.                        4
  • With what are ‘the shadows of evening’ compared in the poem ‘Village Song’?                               4
  • What did the traveler from the antique land tell the poet?                                                         4
  • What is the appearance of the lady?                                                                                                     4

8. Explain with reference to the context, any one of the following excerpts:                        5×1=5

  • It is an old, old story, and the lay

Which has evoked sad Sita from the past?

Is by a mother sung … ‘T is hushed at last

And melts the picture from their sight away.

  • I chatter, chatter, as I flow.

To join the brimming river,

For men may come and men may go,

But I go on forever.

  • She found me roots of relish sweet,

And honey wild, and manna-dew,

And sure in language strange she said –

“I love thee true.”



9. Change any five of the sentences given below as per instruction given, without changing their meaning:          1×5=5

  • None but Anita can do the sum. (Change into affirmative)                                                          1
  • All of them welcomed the suggestion enthusiastically. (Change into passive)                    1
  • Doesn’t he live with his parents? (Change into assertive)                            1
  • The strawberry pie was eaten by me. (Change into active)                         1
  • As soon as he saw me, he began to weep. (Change into negative)          1
  • This is not the correct way of answering the question. (Change into interrogative)          1
  • Everybody must admit that she is a good singer. (Change into negative)                              1
  • Let the game be finished. (Change into active)                                                 1

10. Add appropriate questions tag to any five of the following:                   1×5=5

  • Everything has gone wrong today.                                                                         1
  • You are coming to school.                                                                                          1
  • Close the door.                                                                                                               1
  • You like a lot of sugar in your milk.                                                                          1
  • Don’t go there.                                                                                                               1
  • Sachin shouldn’t have played that shot.                                                              1
  • The house needs immediate renovation.                                                           1
  • No man is immortal.                                                                                                     1

11. Fill any five of the following blanks with suitable prepositions:             1×5=5

  • I can see the boat _______ the picture.                                                                              1
  • The woman is sitting _______ the rug.                                                                                1
  • The cup is _______ her hand.                                                                                  1
  • I am anxious _______ the result.                                                                           1
  • Be true _______ your word.                                                                                    1
  • I am waiting _______ the bus stop.                                                                      1
  • Rini has recovered _______ her illness.                                                              1
  • You may rely _______ my word.                                                                            1

12. Rewrite any five of the following sentences using the verbs given in brackets in their correct forms:                                 1×5=5

  • Ice (float) on water.                                                                                                      1
  • He (go) home when he met him.                                                                            1
  • I want to go for a walk, but I (not finish) my work yet.                                   1
  • Perhaps it (rain) yesterday.                                                                                       1
  • All the students (leave) when I reached the school.                                       1
  • You (sleep) for three hours now.                                                                            1
  • I asked if she (see) him before.                                                                                               1
  • We (work) on a new project.                                                                                    1

13. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

Green tea has been credited for centuries with significant medicinal properties. Recent studies have confirmed its many benefits, and have attested to the importance of this ancient plant in the longevity of those who drink it often.

Originally from China, where it has been consumed for millennia, green tea didn’t make its way to the rest of the world until just a few centuries ago. Unlike other teas, and as a result of being air-dried without fermentation, it retains its active elements even after being dried and crumbled. It offers meaningful health benefits such as: (1) controlling cholesterol, (2) lowering blood sugar levels, (3) improving circulation, (4) protection against the flue, (5) promoting bone health, etc.

White tea, with its high concentration of natural nutrients, may be even more effective against aging. In fact, it is considered to be the natural product with the greatest anti-oxidant power in the world – to the extent that one cup of white tea might pack the same punch as about a dozen glasses of orange juice. Therefore, drinking green or white tea every day can help us reduce the free radicals in our bodies, keeping us young longer.

  • What has been credited with significant medicinal properties?                                                                 1
  • For how many years has green tea been consumed in China and when did it reach the rest of the world?       2
  • Why does green tea remain fresh even after being dried and crumbled?                            3
  • Mention three benefits of drinking green tea.                                                                 3
  • Why is white tea considered the greatest anti-oxidant power?                                                2
  • Write about the overall benefits of drinking green and white tea.                           4




14. Answer any five of the following:                                      1×5=5

  • What, according to Ambedkar, must be the test of greatness?                                                 1
  • Who is Alexander the Great?                                                                                                   1
  • Who is referred to as the apostle of Hero Worship?                                                       1
  • What do you mean by ‘voodoo-men’?                                                                                 1
  • Who is Bapu?                                                                                                                                   1
  • What does an automobile mean of Narayan?                                                                   1
  • Whose disciple was Nehru?                                                                                                      1
  • What, according to Forster, is a mental starch?                                                                 1
  • Who was Dante?                                                                                                                            1
  • Where did Nehru receive Gandhi’s short note?                                                                               1

15. Answer any five of the following:                                      2×5=10

  • What is the view of Roseberry on the qualities of a great man?                                                2
  • Who is Napoleon? Who did test the greatness of Napoleon?                                    2
  • What is the view of Ambedkar regarding the greatness of military men?                             2
  • Why does not Narayan’s driver particularly like to drive with the air conditioner on?                      2
  • What are the things R. K. Narayan valued most?                                                                                              2
  • What impression did the car of R. K. Narayan create among the auto-pundits?                                 2
  • What are the two reasons of Forster’s two cheers for democracy?                         2
  • What is E. M. Forster’s view of ‘Faith’?                                                                                 2
  • Why was Nehru critical of the Congress Working Committee’s resolution?                                          2
  • What does Russell mean by “Return to nature”?                                                                                             2

16. Answer any three of the following:                                  4×3=12

  • Write a note on the test of a great man as suggested by philosophers.                                 4
  • Why is the acquisition of a sophisticated imported car ‘an irrelevancy and a nuisance’ for Narayan?        4
  • What was the opinion of R. K. Narayan about his friend who collected car’s spare parts?                              4
  • Explain what constitutes real democracy.                                           4
  • How does Nehru overcome his loneliness and feeling of helplessness which assail him in prison?            4
  • Discuss Forster’s views on personal relationship.                            4

17. Explain with reference to the context any two of the following:                          4×2=8

  • “If greatness stands for natural power, for predominance, for something beyond humanity, then Napoleon was assuredly great.”                     4
  • “Democracy is not a Beloved Republic really and never will be. But it is less hateful than other contemporary forms of government and to that extent it deserves our support.”                           4
  • A gentleman must have something more than what a merely eminent individual has.                   4
  • “Clearly the line between scientific and traditional technique is not a sharp one, and one can say exactly where one ends and the other begins.”                                4

18. Answer any five of the following:                                      1×5=5

  • What is meaning of the word ‘ere’?                                                      1
  • Who was half asleep?                                                                                  1
  • What does the old horse do?                                                                   1
  • What lies beyond the north wall?                                                           1
  • Who ride away from each other?                                                           1
  • Who was weeping in a dense forest?                                                   1
  • Who is singing the song of Sita?                                                               1
  • Give an example of the poet’s use of metaphor in the poem “Rickshaw-Wallah.”                            1
  • What is “tatoo”?                                                                                             1
  • What are the colours on the arms and legs of the Rickshaw-Wallah?                                                      1

19. Answer any four of the following:                                     2×4=8

  • What are the things that Hardy regards as permanent in human life?                                                    2
  • Why is ‘the man’ as well as ‘the house’ in the poem old and tired?                                                         2
  • What are the images used to suggest the parting between the friends?                                                              2
  • What does the poet mean when he says, “War’s annals will cloud into night/Ere their story die?”            2
  • What do the children gaze on in the darkened room?                                                                                   2
  • Why did tears flow from three pairs of young eyes?                                                                                      2
  • What happens when the fair lady weeps?                                                                                                          2
  • What is the subject matter of the “Rickshaw-Wallah”?                                                                                 2

20. Answer any three of the following:                                  4×3=12

  • What are the things that Hardy regards as permanent in human life? Explain.                                    4
  • How does the poet bring out the painful experience of the parting of friends?                                                 4
  • Critically examine the series of pictures that Pound’s poem offers.                                                        4
  • Describe the effect of the mother’s song on the children.                                                                          4
  • Explain the significance of the last two lines of ‘Sita’.                                                                                     4
  • ‘Rickshaw-Wallah’ is a poetic description of the poverty and misery. Explain.                                     4

21. Explain with reference to the context any one of the following:                          5×1=5

  • “Only thin smoke without flame

From the heaps of couch-grass;

Yet this will go onward the same

Though Dynasties pass.”                                                                                             5

  • “Here we must make separation

And go out through a thousand

miles of dead grass.”                                                                                                    5

  • “Tears from three pairs of young eyes fall a main,

And bowed in sorrow are the three young heads.”                                        5

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