AHSEC-Solved English Question Paper 2011 |Class 11


Q. PAPER 2011

  1. Full Marks: 100

I. Answer the following in about 30 – 40 words each.                                               2×10=20

  • Mention three reasons how the author’s grandmother spent her days after he grew up. (N)

       Ans. Three ways in which the author’s grandmother spent her days after he grew up were –

  1. She spent most of her time at the spinning wheel and hardly spoke to anyone.
  2. She recited her prayers from sunrise to sunset sitting next to her spinning wheel.
  3. She spent the happiest hour in the afternoon by feeding the hundreds of sparrows in the verandah
  4. Why was it hard for the author to believe that his grandmother was once young and pretty. (N)

Ans. The writer finds it hard to believe that once his grandmother was once young and pretty because her face was full of crisscross wrinkles that had been the same there on for the last twenty years. There was no change in the wrinkles for the last twenty years.

  • Who was king Tut? How long did he rule? (Not in syllabus now)
  • What were the results of the CT scan on king Tut? (Not in syllabus now)
  • Who is Taplow? Who is he waiting for? (Not in syllabus now)
  • What makes Mr. Crocker Harris different from other teachers? (Not in syllabus now)
  • Where was professor Gaitonde going and why? (Not in syllabus now)
  • Who was Khan Sahib? Where was he going? (Not in syllabus now)
  • What did Emperro Xuanzong Commission we D’ Lozi to do?(N)

Ans: For the emperor, Wu-Daozi painted a landscape to decorate the place wall. In the painting he painted the forests, waterfalls, mountains, clouds and the immense sky along with a cave where dwelt a spirit.

  1. How has Nek Chand received international recognition?(N)

Ans: Ans. The ‘untutored genius’ who created the paradise called the Rock Garden of Chandigarh was Nek Chand years age, he cleared little patch of jungle to make himself garden sculpted with stone and recycle materials. This came to be known as the Rock Garden of Chandigarh. He is know as the biggest contributor to outsider art. He has not obtain formal tracing in art. He was blessed with inborn talent and insight in art.

II. Answer the following:                                                                                 3×10=30

  1. How is the fathers helplessness brought out in the poem “Father to Son”?(N)

Ans. Physically, the son is built up as his father wanted him to be. But the father feels helpless because he wanted his son to grow up into man of his choice but the son, growing up chose another of his own. He had his own likes and dislikes which the father could not relate. There is a communication gap between them. They do not understand each other and treat each other like a stranger.

  • What does the father think of his ‘Prodigal’ son?(N)

Ans: The father thinks that his son is different from him ( father) as he has his own likes and dislikes. Physically, the son is built up as his father wanted him to be. But the father feels helpless .He wanted his son to grow up into man of his choice but the son, growing up chose another of his own. He had his own likes and dislikes which the father could not relate. There is a communication gap between them. They do not understand each other and treat each other like a stranger.

  • Describe the poet’s feeling of childhood. (N)

Ans. According to the poet childhood is a very happy period of everyone’s life. Childhood is free from all complexities and evils of this material world. As one grows up, he loses all his simplicity and learns about wordily matters like haven hell and adult world. A child is unable to think of his presence as different from others, he is never selfish and hostile to anyone. Therefore poet feels nostalgic about his childhood.

  • According to the poet what could not be found in geography text books in the poem ‘Childhood’?(N)

Ans: At this age he realizes many things and started to think on his own. He was able to differentiate between fact and fiction, truth and imaginary concepts. He realized that hell and heaven are merely imaginary concept. It cannot be found in geography text books

  • How is the cyclic movement of rain brought out in the poem, “Voice of the Rain”.(N)

Ans. The rain goes on completing a fixed cycle day in and day out. She rises in the form of water vapours out of the land and the bottomless sea. She rises towards the sky where when she cools down she takes the shape of showers. The showers fall back to the place of its origin-the earth. Hence, the cycle is complete.

  • What does the rain do day and night?(N)

Ans. The rain proves a blessing for the earth. When the showers of rain fall down on earth, they wash away all the droughts, dust and other impurities of the earth. The seeds lying hidden in the earth suddenly sprout to life when it rains. So the rain gives a new lease of life to the earth.

  • Why the king was executed in the poem ‘The Tale or Melon City’? (Not in syllabus now)
  • Who did the melon become king? (Not in syllabus now)
  • Describe the arrival or the gold finch to the Lalburrum tree. (Not in syllabus now)
  • Describe the various sound of the birds in the poem “The Labour num Top”. (Not in syllabus now)

III. Answer the following:

  1. Did the boys return the horse because they were conscience stricken or because they were afraid? (Not in syllabus now)
  2. What was the narrators place to get Ranga Married? What did Ranga thing about marriage?(N)

Ans: Ans. Ranga was of the view that one should not marry a very young girl. He believed in marrying only when one got physically and mentally matured. A man must marry a girl whom are admires. He would marry mature girl of his choice. After knowing Ranga’s unconventional view on marriage, the narrator made up his mind right then that he would get him married. So the narrator devices a plan to arrange a meeting Rama Rao’s niece Ratna and Ranga. The narrator was a frequent visitor to Rama Rao’s place and Ratna was quite free with him. On a particular Friday, he called Ratna to his house to deliver the buttermilk made by Rama Rao’s wife. He asked Ratna to sing for him and sent for Ranga at the same time. Ranga arrived while Ratna was rendering the melodious song. In this way Ranga was able to meet Ratna for the first time

  • What was Einstein idea of education? What king of a student was he?(N)

Ans. Einstein’s view on education was completely different from others. According to him education should not be based on facts but on ideas. There is no point in learning facts. He was against learning facts and dates by heart. He was interested in knowing or learning ideas which accounts for progress in any field of life. Ideas, that come from critical thinking and analysis, formed real education.

        Albert was frank and fearless boy. He never get scared of telling the truth. He did what he like.

  • Give an account of Andrew’s efforts to save die life of the child. (Not in syllabus now)


IV. Write a report on a one day cricket match played between Cotton College and B. Boruah College in about 100 words.             5

Ans: Cricket Match
Guwahati, 10th February 2011. A cricket match was organised yesterday in ACA Stadium, Barshapara. The match was played between the team of Cotton College and B. Boruah College. Both the teams played exceptionally well and no one was being able to make out which team will win. The Cotton College won the toss and decided to bat first. The opening batsmen played so well that the other team was not being able to control them. They scored 50 runs in 5 over’s as their partnership. They received a great set back when they lost the first wicket. The team did not surrender to the circumstances and kept on playing well. They set a target of 197 runs in 20 over’s. Then, it was the turn of B. Boruah College’s team. They also played really well and showcased their strength of batting after displaying their bowling skills in the previous innings. They chased the score really well and were able to complete the set target in 19.4 over’s only. The team rejoiced as they received the champion’s trophy. The Principal of the host school congratulated the winning team and appreciated the efforts put in by them.
Reported by- X


     Write an article on the health dangers of excessive use of the mobile phone in 100 words.                             5

Ans:                                                                     Mobile Phone: Boon or Curse.

The invention of mobile phones is the result of an unprecedented science | Mobile phone has become such a facility without which life seems incomplete. 1973 was the beginning of the technology of mobile phones in use since the 1990s   . mobile phones has a significant impact on human society .There are many benefits of mobile phones in daily life. The arrival of mobile phones in the communication field has come a new momentum. Earlier Landline thing could be with the help of telephone, but he is a permanent device. Some also retained by the mobile can move the person. That means talking to the mobile with the help of some of the individual may be. Today, the trend of smart phones has begun. With the help of these apps can be made by a variety of tasks in a snap. Entertainment, banking, sports and many more are available at the app. If we make good use of mobile so he will definitely beneficial to us. Every coin has two sides. Similarly, along with the benefits of mobile has some discomforts. Waves emitted by mobile phones can have a bad effect on health. Excessive use of mobile phones may have a bad effect on the eyes. Each object contains the possible good and bad sides, but it is, how to use it is up to us. If we make good use of mobile so he will definitely beneficial to us. Thus the current era of mobile phone has become an essential commodity which is a way of life.

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V. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb given in brackets.                                    1×5=5

1. He ____ ill for a month (be).

Ans. He was ill for a month

2. I wish I ____ a king (be).

Ans. I wish I was a king.

3. My friends ____ to meet me yesterday (come).

Ans. My friends came to meet me yesterday.

4. If it ____ he will not come (rain).

Ans. If it rains he will not come.

5. It ____ since morning (rain)

Ans. It has been raining since morning.

VI. Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners:                                                                                 1×5=5

1. We have very ____ information (few/little).

Ans. We have very little information.

2. ____ European tourist met me yesterday. (A/An)

Ans. A European tourist met me yesterday.

3. Do you have ____ complaint against me? (some/any).

Ans. Do you have any complaint against me?

4. ____ friends he had, have left him (The few/a few).

Ans. The few friends he had, have left him.

5. ____ knowledge is a dangerous thing (A little/little).

Ans. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

VII. Choose the right alternative from the following (may, should, can, would, with)                      1×5=5

1. ____ you please lend me your scooter?

Ans. Would you please lend my your scooter?

2. If I were you I ____ not do it.

Ans. If I were you I would not do it.

3. We ____ respect our elders.

Ans. We should respect our elders.

4. She ____ speak English well.

Ans. She can speak English Well.

5. ____ I come in?

Ans.  May I come in?

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