2023 Exam: The Lost Spring Important Questions Class 12 English AHSEC

The Lost Spring important questions for class 12 English AHSEC has been given here.  I have complied The Lost Spring Important Questions Class 12 English AHSEC from past year’s papers here. All of us know solving past years’ questions will help you to boast Your score or you may be able to top your school or college.

You must have collected past years’ question papers to analyze the pattern of questions being asked in the exam.

when I was preparing for my board exam I used to solve  The Lost Spring’s all past years’ questions and so as to keep me focused I used to organize The Lost Spring all past years’ questions in one place

In this way, I ensured that no questions is missed if you have not studied throughout the year and are now seated for the study you must do The Lost spring all past years’ questions

In class 12 English 45 marks’ questions are asked from flamingo and vistas. So by solving past years’ papers you will be in a position to score at least 35 marks . You can consider this as The Lost Spring important questions for class 12 English AHSEC

For your convenience, I have organized all the past years’ questions from 2012-2022 here.

You can also access the solutions to these questions by clicking here.

Enjoy your studies and do share this post with your friends!

Class 12 English: Lost Spring all Important Questions

Below you can find Lost Spring all Important Questions from 2012-2022

Lost Spring Important Questions 1 Marks

  1. Who is the author of “Lost Spring”?  2012
  2. What does Mukesh want to be? 2012 2020
  3. Where was the original home of Saheb’s family? 2013 2020


              Where does Saheb originally hail from? 2016 2019

4. What is ‘Lost Spring’ about? 2013

5. Who is the author of ‘Lost Spring’?  2014

6. What does the author of ‘Lost Spring’ find Saheb doing every morning?  2014 2015

7. What does Saheb look for in the garbage dumps? 2016 2022

8. Where has Saheb come from? 2016 (Same as q. no 3 above)

9. What does the ‘garbage’ mean for the elders of Seemapuri? 2017

10. Where does Mukesh live? 2017  2022

11. Why have Saheb and his family migrated to Seemapuri?  2018

Lost Spring Important Questions 2 Marks

  1. What is the significance of bangles in Indian society? 2012 2017
  2. Is Saheb happy working at the tea stall? Why  2102 2014 2020 2022
  3. ‘Garbage to them is gold’. Why does the author say so about the ragpicker? 2013
  4. What is the irony inherent in Saheb’s full name? 2013 2016


What is the actual name of Saheb? What does it signify?  2019

  1. What does Saheb look for in the garbage dumps? Where is he and where has he come from? 2014
  2. What is Firozabad famous for and why? 2015
  3. What explanation does the author of ‘Lost Spring’ offer for the children, not warning footwear? 2015
  4. What are the two different world’s Firozabad? 2018
  5. What was the promise made by Anees Jung to Saheb? 2018
  6. Why do your inhabitants of Firozabad end up losing their eyesight? 2016
  7. Give a brief description of Seemapuri. 2020

Lost Spring Important Questions 5 Marks

  1. Describe the miserable plight of the people of Firozabad.   2012 2014 2015  2017
  2. Describe the bangle makers of Firozabad. How does the vicious circle of the Sahukars, the middlemen never allow them to come out of their poverty?       2018   2022
  3. Write briefly on the hazard of working in the glass bangles industry. 2020


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