AHSEC Class 12 English Question Paper 2014




1. Read the following passage carefully: 10

  1. At 4.30 P.M., Abha brought in the last meal he was ever to eat; it consisted of goat’s milk, cooked and raw vegetables, oranges and a concoction of ginger, sour lemons and strained butter with juice of aloe. Sitting on the floor of his room in the rear of Birla House in New Delhi, Gandhi ate and talked with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Deputy Prime Minister of the new government of independent India. Maniben, Patel’s daughter and secretary, was also present. The conversation was important. There had been rumours of differences between Patel and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This problem like so many others had been dropped into the Mahatma’s lap.
  2. Abha, alone with Gandhi and the Patel’s, hesitated to interrupt. But she knew Gandhi’s attachment to punctuality. Finally, therefore, she picked up the Mahatma’s nickel-plated watch and showed it to him. ‘I must tear myself away’, Gandhi remarked, and so saying he rose, went to the adjoining bathroom and then started towards the prayer ground in the large park to the left of the house. Abha, the young wife of Kanu Gandhi, grandson of the Mahatma’s cousin, and Manu, the granddaughter of another cousin, accompanied him; he leaned his forearms on their shoulders. ‘My walking sticks’, he called them.
  3. During the daily two-minute promenade through the long, red-sandstone colonnade that led to the prayer ground, Gandhi relaxed and joked. Now, he mentioned the carrot juice. Abha had given him that morning.
  4. ‘So you are serving me cattle fare,’ he said, and laughed.
  5. ‘Be used to call it horse fare,’ Abha replied. Ba was Gandhi’s deceased wife.
  6. ‘Isn’t it grand of me, ‘Gandhi bantered, ‘to relish what no one else wants?’
  7. ‘Bapu (father), ‘said Abha, ‘your watch must be feeling very neglected. You would not look at it today.’
  8. ‘Why should I, since you are my timekeepers?’ Gandhi retorted.
  9. ‘But you don’t look at the timekeepers,’ Manu noted. Gandhi laughed again.

On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the following questions:

  1. What did Gandhi eat in his last meal?
  2. Who were the persons present when Gandhi ate his last meal?
  3. What was the problem that had been dropped into Gandhi’s lap?
  4. Why did Abha show Gandhi the nickel plated watch?
  5. Who were the time keepers of Gandhi?
  6. What is the cattle fare referred to?

Advance Writing Skill 25 Marks

2. Write a poster in not more than 50 words stressing upon the need for improving the health condition of the younger generation for a happier life. 5


You are Rima/Rahim, a resident of 16, Bapuji Nagar, Tinsukia. You have lost your suitcase containing valuable documents while travelling from Tinsukia to Jorhat by train. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words, for publication in an English daily giving details of the bag, when you had lost it and Giving your contact address requesting the finder to return it to you.

3. Write a report on a road accident giving imaginary details of the accident and the steps taken by the concerned authorities towards medical relief to the accident victims. (Words limit 125). 5


Write an article on ‘Television: Advantage and disadvantages’ to be published in the college magazine. (Your article should not exceed 135 words). 5

4. Write a letter to the editor on an English daily drawing the attention of the authorities concerned to the poor condition of the roads in your locality. You are Manav/Manasi living in Mirza, Kamrup. 10


You are Arunabh/Mandira. You have seen an advertisement for the post of receptionist in a Multi-National Company in Bangalore. Write a formal application for the post in response to the advertisement. 10

Grammar: 20 Marks

5. Change the form of Narration in the following sentences: 2×2=4

  1. The lady said to the salesman, “What is the price of this Barbie doll?” The salesman said to her, “It is a bit expensive. But I can give to you at a 20 percent discount”.
  2. One day Mohan told me that he would become a doctor and leave Assam. I asked him if he knew anything about medicine.

6. Change the voice of any three of the following sentences: 1×3=3

  1. The student was told to leave the room.
  2. Guwahati is called the gateway to the North East.
  3. They laughed at us.
  4. My umbrella has been broken.
  5. The thief was beat up by the mob.
  6. You will be asked to deliver the letters.

7. Rewrite any five of the following questions using the verbs given in brackets in their correct tense forms: 1×5

  1. I wish I (know) her.
  2. The meeting (begin) when we arrived at the auditorium.
  3. The first world war (last) for four years and ended in 1918.
  4. As soon as I came in she (leave) the room.
  5. I usually (go) to bed at 11 o’clock.
  6. To hate man (be) the biggest crime.
  7. Please stop singing because I (try) to work.

8. Rewrite any four of the following sentences filling in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: 1×4=4

  1. The train arrived ____ the station a minute ago.
  2. My birthday is ____ 24 August.
  3. The office is closed ____ the second and fourth Saturdays.
  4. Our school is ____ Chandmari.
  5. We have been staying ____ a hotel near the bus stop.
  6. The girl standing ____ the two boys is their sister.

9. Rewrite any four of the sentences as directed: 1×4=4

  1. This is the best book on the subject. (Change into comparative degree)
  2. No other boxer is as great as Mary Com. (Change into superlative degree)
  3. None but Anita can do the sum. (Change into Affirmative)
  4. I know his name. (Change into a complex sentence)
  5. Everybody must admit that Tendulkar is a great cricketer (Change into negative)
  6. I shall never forget you. (Change into interrogative)



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