AHSEC Class 12 English Question Paper 2015




1. Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions:

So the ship were bought into the dock and the passengers began to go to ashore . But Mr. Escombe had sent word to the catain that, as the white were highly enraged against me and my life was in danger,my family and I should be land at dusk, when the port superintendent Mr. Tatum would escort us home. The captain communicated the message to me, and I agreed to act accordingly.

But scarely half an hour after this, Mr. Laughton came to the captain. He said,” I would like to take Mr. Gandhi with me, should he have no objection. As the legal advisor of the agent company I tell you that you are not bound to carry out the message you have received from Mr. Escombe . after this he came to me and said somewhat to this effect “ if you are not afraid , I suggest that Mrs. Gandhi and children should drive to Mr. Rustomji’s house . while you and I follow follow them on foot .

I do not at all like the idea of your entering the city like a thief in the night. I don’t thik there is any fear of anyone hurting you. Everything is quit now. The whites have dispersed. But in any case I am convinced that you ought not to enter the city stealthily.’ I readily agreed.

My wife and children drove safely to Mr. Rustomji’s place. With the catain’s permission I went ashore with Mr. Laughton. Mr. Rustomji’s house was about two miles from the dock.

On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the speaker of this massage?
  2. What word had Mr. Escombe sent to the captain of the ship ?
  3. Why did Mr. Laughton came to the captain ?
  4. What did Mr. laughton say to the speaker?
  5. The speaker readily agreed to Mr. Laughton’s suggestion. What does it tell us about the speaker’s character?
  6. Find a word from the passage that means, ‘moving secretly or moving like a thief’.

2. Write an attractive poster for a cultural show in your village/town. 5


You are the Personal Manager of Hotel Taj International, Guwahati. You need two lady receptionists and five security guards for the hotel. Write out an advertisement for the posts which is to be published in an English daily.


3. Your School/College has recently celebrated ‘Cleanliness Week’, organizing a number of programs and competitions. Write a report in about 125 words to be published in a local newspaper. 10


Write an article on ‘Mobile Phones: Uses and Abuses’ to be published in your School/College magazine.

4. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on reckless driving. You are Roshan/Divya living in Duliajan. 10

Grammar: 20 Marks

5. Change the form of narration in the following sentences: 2×2=4

  1. ‘Where do you go every Sunday?’ I asked the girl, She replied, ‘I go to the Church.’
  2. The teacher asked Rumi if she had read the Bible. She replied that She hadn’t.

6. Change the voice of any three of the following sentences: 1×3=3

  1. She bought the baby a doll.
  2. They were refused admission.
  3. He was found guilty of murder.
  4. The leader was welcomed by the people.
  5. My watch has been stolen.

7. Rewrite any five of the following sentences using the verbs given in brackets in their correct tense forms. 1×5

  1. I usually (go) to bed at 10 o’ clock.
  2. The teacher (know) the boy was lying.
  3. He (work) here since 2009.
  4. When I reached the station, the train (leave).
  5. I (go) to Delhi tomorrow.
  6. I (write) an essay now.
  7. When I went to her house, she (sing) a song.

8. Rewrite any four of the following sentences filling in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: 1×4=4

  1. I have heard a lot about you ____ your class teacher.
  2. His father is a principal ____ a school in Jorhat.
  3. Please sit down ____ a minute.
  4. Tom is addicted ____ gambling.
  5. Don’t be afraid ____ telling the truth.
  6. Sheila is proud ____ her beauty.

9. Rewrite any four of the sentences as directed: 1×4=4

  1. Kolkata is the most populous city in India. (Change into comparative degree)
  2. No other boy is as intelligent as Raju. (Change into superlative degree)
  3. No sooner did he see me than he began to quarrel. (Change into affirmative)
  4. I know where he was born. (Change into a simple sentence)
  5. He tried all plans. (Change into negative)
  6. I shall never forget you. (Change into interrogative)

10. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:

  1. ‘…..and felt that old

Familiar ache, my childhood’s fear

But all I said was, see you soon, Amma,

All I did was smile and smile and smile…..’


  1. What was the childhood fear that now troubled the poet? 1
  2. What do the poet’s parting words suggest? 2
  3. Why did the poet smile and smile? 1


  1. ‘Those who prepare green wars,

Wars with gas, wars with fire,

Victory with no survivors,

And walk about with their brothers

In the shade, doing nothing’

Questions: ( see page no. 18, paper 2013)

  1. What are the different kinds of wars mentioned by the poet in the passage? 1
  2. What kind of victory do they achieve? 1
  3. What should the warmongers do? 1
  4. Find the words in the passage that mean ‘those left alive’ and ‘win’. 1

11. Answer any three of the following questions in 30-40 words: 2×3=6

  1. Why has the mother been compared to the ‘late winter’s moon’?
  2. What is the sadness that the poet refers to in the poem, Keeping Quiet?
  3. What is the legend on which the poem. A thing of beauty, is written?
  4. What, according to Keats, never ‘passes into nothingness’?
  5. What is ‘in the news’ as a mentioned in ‘A Roadside Stand’?
  6. Why do the people who are running the roadside stand ‘ask for some city money’?

12. Answer any five of the following questions: 1×5=5

  1. What did M. Hamel write at the end of the class?
  2. What does the author of ‘Lost Spring’ find Saheb doing every morning?
  3. What does Mukesh want to be?
  4. Who is the ‘Chota Sahib’ in the ‘Memoirs of a Chota Sahib’?
  5. What did Shukla want Gandhi to do?
  6. Who was Sir Edward Gait?
  7. Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey?
  8. Where was it most likely that Sophie and her friend would find work after school?

13. Answer any five of the following questions in 30-40 words: 2×5=10

  1. What was Franz expected to be prepared with for school that day?
  2. What was the commotion that Franz anticipated in the classroom?
  3. What explanation does the author of ‘Lost Spring’ offer for the children not warning footwear?
  4. What is Firozabad famous for and why?
  5. What was the belief about the dividing channel between Peacock Island and the main land of Guwahati?
  6. What does Round tree state about the large, ‘Bheel’ close to the bunglow at Rajapara?
  7. What other dreams does Sophie have besides having a boutique?

14. Answer any one of the following questions in 80-100 words: 5×1=5

  1. Give a detailed account of the scene in the classroom on the day of the last lesson.


  1. ‘The battle of Champaran is won’, Gandhi exclaimed. Explain the context in which this was said.


  1. Describe the miserable plight of the people of Firozabad.

15. Answer any one of the following questions in 125-150 words: 7×1=7

What impression do you form of Mr. Lamb? How does he look at life?


Describe Tishani’s journey to the end of the earth-the Antarctic region, and her experiences during that journey. ( don’t read)

16. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words: 2×4=8

  1. How did the Tiger King celebrate the killing of the hundredth tiger?
  2. Why is Antarctica the perfect place to study changes in the environment? ( don’t read)
  3. Why and how did Derry enter Mr. Lamb’s garden?
  4. How and why do people comment so painfully about Derry’s face?
  5. When did Bama experience untouchability?
  6. Why did Zitkala-Sa feel uncomfortable in the dining room?



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