AHSEC Class 12 English: Indigo chapter’s all past years’ questions

Here I have shared with you the Indigo chapter’s all past years’ questions. All of us know solving past years’ questions will help you to boast Your score or you may be able to top your school or college.

Indigo chapter's all past years' questions

You must have collected past years’ question papers to analyze the pattern of questions being asked in the exam.

when I was preparing for my board exam I used to solve  Indigo chapter’s all past years’ questions and so as to keep me focused I used to organize The Last Lesson all past years’ questions in one place

In this way, I ensured that no questions is missed if you have not studied throughout the year and are now seated for the study you must do Indigo chapter’s all past years’ questions

In class 12 English 45 marks’ questions are asked from flamingo and vistas. So by solving past years’ papers you will be in a position to score at least 35 marks . You can consider this as Indigo’s important questions

For your convenience, I have organized all the past years’ questions here.

You can also access the solutions to these questions by clicking here.

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Class 12 English: Indigo all Important Questions

Exam Questions From 2012-2022

1 Marks Questions

  1. Who is Sir Edward Gait?     2012 2015
  2. Who was Rajkumar Shukla?  2012 2016
  3. Where is Champaran situated?  2014 2018
  4. What did Shukla want Gandhi to do?  2015
  5. Who was Rajkumar Shukla? 2012 2016
  6. What was Gandhi’s politics intertwined with? 2016
  7. Whom did Gandhi and Shukla propose to meet at Patna? 2013 2017  2022
  8. Why was Gandhi visiting Lucknow in 1916? 2013 2020  2022
  9. Which country had developed synthetic indigo?  2019
  10. Where did Gandhi stay in Muzzafarpur?  2019

2 Marks Questions:

  1. Why do you think Gandhi considered the Champaran episode to be a turning point in his life? 2012
  2. What was the incident that prompted Gandhi to raise his voice of protest against the British? 2013, 2017
  3. Why was the Champaran episode so significant in Gandhi’s life? 2012 2016 (Same as q.no 1 above)
  4. Why did Gandhi choose to go to Muzzafarpur first before going on to Champaran? 2018
  5.  How was a solution to the problem of indigo sharecroppers of Champaran found? 2019
  6. Why was Professor Malkani’s action of offering shelter to Gandhi ‘extraordinary’? 2020  2022
  7. Why was Gandhi impressed with Shukla?  2022

Long Questions- 5 marks

  1. Describe the efforts made by RK Shukla to persuade Gandhi to go to Champaran.  2014
  2. Describe the exploitation of the indigo sharecroppers by the English landlords. Did Gandhi help them to get an honourable statement? 2013 2017  2019
  3. ‘The battle of Champaran is won,’ Gandhi exclaimed. Explain the context in which this was said.  2015

You can also access the solutions to these questions by clicking here.


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