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What is Mission Power (Mission Shakti information, India’s first anti-satellite missile )

India once again proved its power in space, today India has registered its name as Space Power. Until today, only three countries – America, Russia, and China – had such space power, but now India has also become a country which has given its peak in space. Today, on 27 March 2019, our scientists killed a satellite in a Low Earth Orbit in space. An asset (ASAT) missile has been used to kill this satellite. This operation, called Mission Shakti, has been completed in just 3 minutes using all the advanced techniques by Indian scientists. The missile asset used in this entire operation (ASAT) has been developed in India only. This missile will prove to be very useful in terms of India’s security.

India has made it clear after its successful trial, that India will use its advantage only for its protection in space and only in space and it will not violate any international law. With this new invention, India’s objective is to create an environment of security in the international arena along with the economic and technological development of India.

What is Mission Power?

Today, in reality, India has destroyed one of its own satellites present in space. It was a test in a way so that India could prepare itself for a war situation. Now India will not need to be afraid of its security, because now we also have a technique that will provide security in space.

Important information about mission power (Important Information of Mission Shakti) –

1. Use of Asset is a huge achievement for India, just like the 1998 nuclear test. Today, India has become the fourth nation by performing anti-satellite power, which has these powers. Today this power of India will showcase special value by displaying India in the list of powerful countries.

2 The anti-satellite used by India today has been fully developed in India. For the past several decades, India was denied access to various technologies, which enabled India to develop its own nuclear power and maintain its credibility on the world panel.

3. According to an analyst at Think Tank Observer Research Foundation based in the Indian capital, Delhi, this anti-satellite will prove to be the strongest military equipment in the coming years. This will put pressure on India’s opponents.

In this way, today, India has succeeded in proving its merit and contradiction in the world again. Today, we congratulate all the people involved in this project for their successful test through this article. And apart from this, all the Indians are eligible for congratulations which have received new security.

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