AHSEC HS 1st year English Solved Question Paper 2016

If you are going to appear in the final board exam whether it is of CBSE OR AHSEC or any other board, solving past years papers will surely help you in scoring good marks. In this post, I have provided you AHSEC HS 1st year English Solved Question Paper. Analyzing the AHSEC QUESTION PAPERS will give you an idea about the question paper pattern




Full Marks: 90

Time: 3 hours

1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

  1. My father gets a far away look in his eye that’s unmistakable. As he looks towards the horizon and his seek out the bright flashes of snow-capped peaks, we all know what he’s thinking. Mountain tops have always had that magnetic effect on him.
  2. As I grew up I inherited some of my father’s restlessness. I know many people think there must be some compulsion for the son of Edmund Hillary to climb mountains. They assume that I need to compete, or measure up as if there was some strong mark on stone that says, “Thou shalt climb mountains” – and in particular Everest, whether you like to or not. But for me it’s simpler than that. I think families are like factories: some manufacture lawyers while others produce landscape gardeners. The Hillary family is a limited production mountaineering establishment.
  3. Today, at the age of 48, I am a determined mountain man: love to climb them, love to dream about them. I have been or more than 30 mountaineering expeditions, from the Himalayas to the Antarctic. And yes, I have climbed Everest twice. I treasure the same things that drew my father to climbing – great feeling of friendship and trust among people who work together, sense of pleasure and excitement, especially in dangerous place where your life depends upon making the right call. I guess I am luckier than most because I can fall back on all that my father has taught me. One devastating day in 1995 this advice saved my life.
  4. Just below the summit of the mountain known as K2 or the “savage mountain” of the Himalayas there is a steep ice channel called “The Bottleneck.” I was among a party of eight climbers heading for the summit, with just 400 meters left to climb. Perched there, 8200 meters above sea-level and looking east along the northern edge of the Karakoram Mountains to the Tibetan Plateau, I noticed curls of ominous cloud began to move in suddenly and quickly with great force.
  5. As the weather worsened, I became concerned. I stopped. Something didn’t feel right. At that moment I clearly heard my father’s voice. Down. Go down. Stick to your guns, Peter.
  6. Then from above me, I heard another voice – a women’s. “Come on up. Use the red rope.” Alison Hargreaves, a fellow climber, was encouraging me to join her. Note for you, peter. Was that my father’s voice again? The unsettled feeling in me grew stronger. Finally I told Jeff Lakes, my climbing partner, that I was going down. He too was feeling unsure, but decided to go on ahead. As I looked back at Jeff a couple of time, until a thick, threatening cloud blocked with view, soon the same fast moving cloud would engulf the summit and plunge me into an isolated world of terror.
  7. Don’t be afraid to make your own decisions. Don’t be afraid to stand alone. That was my father’s voice.
  8. Alone in body but not in spirit I descended. But with fear tapping upon my shoulders, I was caught in the frightening situation of the rising storm. The flanks of the mountain were out of control and so, perhaps, was I.
  9. Fear makes you careful. Fear makes you good. Fear, my father told me, is not something you manage. So I seized on what I could control: a well-clipped descender and a taut rope. For hours I continued to go down rope.
  10. When I awoke in my tent the next morning, it was silent, sunny, still. I alone had successfully descended from the summit pyramid of K2 that night.

The seven above were dead.

  1. Life in a famous family has its advantages and disadvantages. Lunches with Indira Gandhi or a trip to the North Pole with Neil Armstrong are one – although a rather extraordinary – side of the coin. The other can be a battle with identity and independence. When I am 80 years old myself, I know I will more than likely still be greeted with, “Wait a minute, you’re Ed Hillary’s son!” But my father is quite a man and I am proud of him.


(a) Answer the following questions briefly:

(i) What does the son read in his father’s eyes? 1

Ans. In his father’s eyes the son read his father’s fondness for the bright flashes of snow capped peaks.

(ii) What is “The Bottleneck”? 1

Ans. A steep ice-channel below the summit of the ‘saving mountain’ of the Himalaya’s is called “The Bottleneck.”

(iii) What was the fate of the seven companions who climbed the K2 summit? 1

Ans. The seven companions who climbed the K2 summit were dead.

(iv) In what way does the author consider himself more fortunate than other mountaineers? 1

Ans. The author considered himself more fortunate than other mountaineers because he alone had successfully descended from the summit pyramid of K2 while his other companions were dead.

(v) State any two qualities that the speaker has inherited from his father. 2

Ans. Two qualities that the speaker had inherited from his father (a) Great feeling of friendship and trust among people who work together, (b) Sense of pleasure and excitement especially in dangerous places where life depends upon making the right call.

(vi) “The Hillary family is a limited production mountaineering establishment.” What does the speaker mean by this? 2

Ans. As per speaker “The Hillary family is a limited production mountaineering establishment” because when he grew up many people thought that there must be some compulsion for the son of Edmund Hillary to climb mountains. He thought that families like factories which manufacture a person either as a lawyer, mountaineer or some other professional.

(vii) What was the father’s opinion about ‘fear’? How did it help the author? 2

Ans. As per the speaker’s father “fear makes you careful, fear makes you good”. According to father fear is not something that you manage. It helped the author in saving his life. When he was going in a mountaineering expedition and was caught in the frightening situation of the rising storm, he was fearful. His father’s opinion helped him to descend with the help of a taut rope and was saved.

(b) Pick out words in the passage that mean.

(i) Sitting on a high and dangerous position. (Para 4) 1

Ans. Perched.

(ii) Tight and completely stretched. (Para 3) 1

2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

There are two problems that cause great worry to our educationists – the problem of religious and moral instruction in a land of many faiths and the problem arising out of a large variety of languages.

Taking up the education of children we see that they should be trained to love one another, to be kind and helpful to all, to be tender to the lower animals and to observe and think right. The taks of teaching them how to read and write the count and calculate is important, but it should not make us lose sight of the primary aim of moulding personality in the right way.

For this, it is necessary to call into aid culture, tradition and religion. But in our country we have, in the same school, to look after boys and girls born into different faiths and belonging to families that live diverse ways of life and follow different forms of worship associated with different denomination of religion. It will not do to tread the easy path of evading the difficulty by attending solely to physical culture and intellectual education. We have to evolve a suitable teaching method for serving the spiritual needs of school children professing different faiths. We should thereby promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, a fuller understanding and helpful cooperation among the different communities in our society. Again we must remain one people and we have therefore to give basic training in our schools to speak and understand more languages than one and to appreciate and respect the different religions prevailing in India. It is not right for us in India to be dissuaded from this by considerations as to overtaking the young mind.

Any attempt to do away with or steamroll the differences through governmental coercion and indirect pressure would be us futile as it would be unwise. Any imposition of a single way of life and form of worship on all children or neglect of a section of the pupils in this respect or barren secularization will lead to conflict between school and home life which is harmful. On the other hand, If we give due recognition to the providing prevailing faiths in the educational institutions by providing suitable facilities for religious teaching of boys and girls of all communities, this may itself serve as a broadening influence of great national value.


(a) On the basic of your reading of the above passage make notes on it, using recognizable abbreviations wherever necessary. Add a suitable title to it. 5

Ans. (1) Problems causing worry to our ednist.

  1. Problem of rel. & moral instn.
  2. Problem due to large variety of lang.
  3. Land of many faiths.
  4. Worry to our ednist.

(2) Primary aim to mould personality of children in the right way.

  1. Trained to love one another.
  2. To be kind & helpful to all.
  3. Tender to the lower animals.
  4. Observe & think right.
  5. How to read, write count & calculate is imp. But personality also imp.

(3) Necessity to call into aid cut, trad & rel.

  1. In the same school students have different faiths.
  2. Live diverse ways of life.
  3. Foll. diff. forms of worship.
  4. Diff. denominations of reln.
  5. Attending solely to phy. Cult. & intellectual edun won’t solve the difficulty.

(4) Evolve a suitable teaching method catering to the spirit, needs of sch. Child.

  1. Promote an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  2. Fuller understanding & helpful coop among the different communities.
  3. Must remain one people.
  4. Give basic training in school to speak & understand more lang.
  5. Appreciate & respect the different rel.

(5) Due recog. To the different prevailing faiths in the educational institutions.

  1. Governmental coercion & indirect press. To do away with the different futile & unwise.
  2. Important of a single way of life & form of worship create conflict between school & home life.
  3. Neglect of a section of the pupils & barren secularization may cause conflicts.
  4. Give due recognition to the different prevailing faiths in the education instus.
  5. Suitable facilities for religious training acc. To student’s communities.
  6. Might infl great national value.

Abbreviations used:

Eduist : educationist.

Prob : problems.

Reln : religion.

Inst : instruction.

Imp : important.

Cult : culture.

Trad : tradition.

Sch : school.

Diff : different.

Foll : following.

Phy : physical.

won’t : will not.

Spirit : spiritual.

Co-opn : co-operation.

recogn : recognition.

endal : educational

infl : Influence

(b) Make a summary of the above passage in about 80 words. 3

Ans:- How to serve the spiritual needs of school children summary: Our educationist are worried due to the problems of religious and moral instructions in a land of many faiths and variety of languages. The primary aim of education is to mould the personality of the students in a right way. So it become necessary to call into aid culture, tradition and religion and cater to serve the spiritual needs of school children having different faiths. Any attempt to steamroll the differences through governmental coercion and indirect pressure would be futile and unwise. To solve it due recognition should be given to the different prevailing faiths in the educational institutions and suitable facilities should be provided for religious teachings the students of all communities it might influence the great national value.

SECTION B – Writing

3. You are arranging a picnic to Kaziranga next Sunday. Describe your preparations to your classmates in about 100 words. 6

Ans. Excursions and outings are the important means of recreation. So we decided to recreate something by arranging a picnic to Kaziranga. I suggested my friend that for picnic we should take sweets, fruits and lunch with us. For this we most go to market and buy some fruits and other eatables. We will also take a stove, a tea pot ,a dozen cups and a kettle. I suggested that in Kaziranga we will also go for safari and also see different animals along with one horned Rhino. For this purpose we will hire a guide. So that we could have a pleasant trip at a world heritage site i.e. Kaziranga. I also suggested to make bookings and necessary advance payments. Then I asked my friend to take his camera, so that we can have some memorable shots. My proposal of preparation for arranging a picnic to Kaziranga was welcomed by my classmates with shouts of applause.



A distinguished person visited your school/college recently. Prepare a report on the visit in about 800 words to be published in “The Assam Tribune”. 6

Ans. Visit by Exchange Programme Participants

Four teachers and twenty students from Edwin University, British Columbia, Canada, visited the Happy School, Subhash Nagar last Friday. In this programme students of Indian schools and colleges visit schools abroad and vice-versa to broaden their awareness and outlook. The school was wearing a festive look on the occasion. Decorations and posters welcoming the visitors were everywhere. At the school gate, our Principle himself was present to welcome the delegates. After touring the classrooms and laboratories to observe the facilities in the school, the delegates had an hour-long interaction with teachers and students on education in India and how students can help society with their positive outlook and enthusiasm. The visit concluded with a delicious ‘high tea’ in honour of the delegation.The visitors were seen off by the Principal and senior teachers.

Reported by –Brijesh

4. Young boys and girl hardly show any respect to rules and regulations these days. They often end up by creating problems for themselves and for their parents. Your Principal has called for a special session to discuss this issue. Prepare a speech to be delivered in the session as a representative of the students. (100 – 150 words) 6

Ans. Good morning principal ma’ am, Guardians, teachers and my dear friends today I am going to say a few words on the youngsters who hardly show any respect to rules and regulations days. In fact percentage is an age of competitions. Each and every field is biased with the thought of running ahead. But it is not possible for all the students to come-up with flying colours. Parents and teachers keep on forcing children to run ahead which has caused tremendous irritation among the students. They are forced to lead a disciplined life. And now result is at your court. They hardly listen to their parents and teachers because they feel that they are nagging them with do’s and don’ts. They are not only creating problems for themselves out of irritation and but also affecting lives of their parents. If they are forced, they are liable to do any mischievous activity. Even they don’t feel offended. For them their freedom is more important than anything else. As I think we must reconsider the matter and children or students should be given equality opportunities to discuss their thoughts and aspirations then only they will be honored and may change their way of life. Parents and teachers should feel their condition and allow them to reach on their own heights. It may bring change is us, and then there will be no chaos on this topic. They will surely, pay their respect to rules and regulations.

Now, I give my sincere thanks to all for listening me with rapt attention.

Thank you all.


You are concerned about the reckless feeling of trees leading to environment degradation. Write an article on “Crow more trees” to be published in a local newspaper. (100-150 words) 6


Grow More Trees.

Life is impossible on earth without trees. They are connected with our well being. Trees requires only some little space and water and in return they provide us with life and many more. But now a days due to deforestation our environment is ailing. It is hampering life on earth. Due to reckless felling of trees, environment is polluting. So we need to grow more trees to reduce environment degradation. Trees provide us with fresh air and oxygen which help us to lead a healthy life. It also gives us shade. Cool the wind and the atmosphere. Even vegetables or fruits we eat comes from plants and trees. Trees provide us with wood for furniture, paper for education and communication, rubber, gum, medicinal substances etc. It is also helpful in maintaining ecological and biological balance. So we should plant more trees to save our environment from degradation. It is our moral duty to save our environment through deforestation.

5. You are Gautam/Gargi, living at 12 Hill View Colony, Dibrugarh. There are frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations in your area causing great inconvenience to its residents. Write a letter to the editor of “the Sentinel” drawing attention of the authorities concerned to the problem. 8


12 Hill View Colony, Dibrugarh

12th March 20XX

The Editor

The Sentinel

Guwahati – 781003

Sub: Erratic power in Dibrugarh.

Dear Sir,

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw attention of the Assam Power Distribution Company and the concerned department of the Assam Government to the erratic power supply in the entire Dibrugarh.

The residents of this area have been facing great trouble because of unscheduled load-shedding and cutting off of power supply particularly in the evening hours and night. During this summer season temperature reaches upto 38 C due to which people are compelled to spend sleepless nights. The worst sufferers are the students. They are bound to study in candle light at night. This hampers their study. Morever mamy anti-social activites has started taking place,taking advantage of darkness like theft. Further, people are not able to use their electronic gadgets properly.

The residents of this area have met high officials of the Assam Power Distribution Company and submitted a petition highlighting the problems and urging them to regularize the power supply. So far nothing has been done and unscheduled load-shedding and power-cuts continued as before in spite of their assurances. The residents have also brought the matter to the notice of concerned department of the Government.

Hope this will attract the attention of the concerned authority and make them take requisite steps to regularize power-supply in the areas.

Yours Truly




You are Ranjana/Ranjan. You have seen advertisement in a local daily for the post of a science teacher in Pub Guwahati High School. Write a letter to the Headmaster of the school in response to the advertisement applying for the post. 8


Examination Hall (* Whenever sender’s address is not given, we may write ‘’Examination Hall ‘’as sender’s address)

23rd Febuary, 20XX

The Headmaster

Pub Guwahati High School


Subject: An application for the post of Science Teacher


This is in esponse to your advertisement in ‘The Assam Tribune’ dated 22/2/20XX regarding the post of a ‘Science Teacher. I wish to apply for the same post.

I am outgoing, deligent and open to learning and have good command over English speaking. I have all the requisite qualification and experience. I did my graduation from Sri Ram College, Delhi in science stream. I worked as a science teacher in ‘’A New High School’’, Tinsukia for 1 year. I wish to bring difference in the lives of people through education.

As regard my qualification and experience , I am enclosing my bio- data for your kind consideration. I shall be available for an interview on any day of your convenience.

If selected I shall discharge my duties with utmost devotion and sincerity to your full satisfaction.

Yours sincerely



1. Bio- data


NAME : Ranjana/Ranjan


ADDESS : Examination Hall


DATE OF BIRTH : 11/10/19XX





AGE : 28 years





























Position held




A New High School, Tinsukia

Science Teacher




  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Working knowledge of Tally, Excel, MS-Word.


  • Winner of Inter –college Debate Competiton (2014-2015)

Hobby: Interacting with people, reading books, cricket etc.

Language Known: Hindi, English, Bengali, Assamese.


I solemnly declare that all the above information are correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date: 23/02/20XX Ranjana/Ranjan

Place: Examination hall Signature


6. (a) Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners: ½ x 2=1

(i) We have very ____ information. (few/little)

Ans. little.

(ii) Do you have ____ question? (Some/Any)

Ans. any.

(b) Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of the verb given in brackets:

½ x 2=1

(i) English (speak) all over the world.

Ans. English is spoken all over the world.

(ii) If it (rain), we will not go.

Ans. If it rains we will not go out.

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate model auxiliaries: (The sense of the sentence is indicated in brackets) ½ x 2=1

(i) We ____ love our country, (moral duty)

Ans. should.

(ii) I ____ pay my loan. (compulsion)

Ans. must.

(d) Correct the following: ½ x 2=1

(i) My mother never listens what I say.

Ans. My mother never listen to what I say.

(ii) It is raining since morning.

Ans. It has been raining since morning.

7. (a) Complete the following piece of conversation by choosing the correct alternative from the brackets: 2

I said to him, “____ (what/when) are you doing now?”

He replied, “I am writing a few essays as part of my ____. (Preparing/Preparation) for the examination.”

Ans. I said to him, “what are you doing now?” he relied, I am writing a few essays as part of my preparation.

(b) Rewrite the following sentences as directed: 1×2=2

(i) She is the most intelligent girl in the class. (use the comparative degree of ‘intelligent’)

Ans. She is more intelligent than any other girl in the class.

(ii) He knows what my name is. (Make it a simple sentence)

Ans. he knows my name.

8. Rearrange the words in the following to form meaningful sentences: 1×2=2

(i) Slowly and we near silently the target moved.

Ans. We moved near the target slowly and silently.

(ii) Talking please stop you will?

Ans. Will you please stop talking?

SECTION D – Textual Questions

9. Read one of the stanzas given below and answer the question that follow:

  1. “And who art thou?” Said I to the soft-falling shower.

Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated :

“I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain

Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea”.

(i) Where do these lines occur? 1

Ans. These lines occur in the poem “voice of the rain”.

(ii) How does the shower fall? 1

Ans. The shower fell softly.

(iii) Where does the rain rise from? 1

Ans. The rain says that it rises eternally from the ground and from the bottomless sea.

(iv) Find a word in the passage that refers to “Something that cannot be touched”? 1

Ans. Impalpable.

(v) Why does the rain describe itself as the Poem of Earth? 4

Ans. The rain describes itself as the poem of earth as it is eternal having no end and no limit of life. Just like the poem of a poet, it blesses the earth with a new life. It rejuvenates everything on earth and makes it beautiful. When it rains the seeds regenerates and sprout into new plants. It is the harbinger of life and beauty on earth, so it is termed as the poem of earth.


  1. Silence surrounds us. I would have

Him prodigal, returning to

His father’s house, the home he knew,

Rather than see him make and move

His world, I would forgive him too,

Shaping from sorrow a new love

(i) Why does the father say that silence surrounds them? 1

Ans. Father said that silence surrounds as because his relation with his son has almost diminished.

(ii) Does the speaker want his son to belong to a different world? 1

Ans. No, the speaker does not want his son to belong to a different world.

(iii) What can be shaped out of sorrow? 1

Ans. Love can be shaped out of sorrow.

(iv) Find a word in the passage that means “Extravagant” 1

Ans. Prodigal.

(v) What idea do you form about the relationship between father and son from the quoted lines? 4

Ans. The father cannot know anything about his son because the son stays away in his won world and does not care for the father’s feelings. So, the father wishes to build up a relationship which existed between them when the son was a little child.

10. Answer any two of the following questions: 2×3=6

(a) Whose transient feet is the poet talking about? Why are they transient?

(b) Why is the age of eleven so important for the poet?

(c) Why would the poet’s mother laugh at the snapshot?

11. Answer briefly any five of the following questions: 2×5=10

(a) Mention three reasons why the author’s grandmother was disturbed when he started going to the city school?

(b) What did Wu Daozi paint for the Emperor?

(c) What is the Green Movement and what are its aims?

(d) What did Elwin notice about our attitude towards wild animals?

(e) How did the sparrows react to the death of the author’s grandmother?

(f) How is man the most dangerous animal is this world?

12. Compare and contrast the Chinese and the European concepts of painting. 6


“We have not inherited this Earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children”. Justify this statement. 6

13. Comment on the influence of English – the language and the way of life – on Indian society as reflected in Iyengar’s story “Ranga’s Marriage”. What is the narrator’s attitude to English? 6


“The school system often curbs individual talent” – Discuss with reference to Einstein’s experience at school. 6

14. Answer briefly any two of the following question: 2×3=6

(a) What was Einstein’s idea of education?

(b) What did Ranga think about marriage?

(c) How did Ranga and Ratna react when they saw each other?

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